Is email Marketing still alive ?

Is email Marketing still alive ?

Email Marketing is a direct form of marketing which uses email as a means to establish a relationship between customers and business association. It is one of the most cost-effective method to promote products & services in order to achieve business goals. A lot of entrepreneurs & businesses indulge in the idea of email marketing to target the right kind of customers for the business or service being offered. So, if you are relying on this method, you need to know some strategies that would convert sales into profit. An effective marketing strategy helps you to stay ahead from competition & achieve success by matching campaigns with the given objective. Before initiating an email marketing campaigns, You need to know about the objective of the business, estimated conversions and determine the resources or budget. Afterward, set up your email campaign, you have to proceed with these practices to ensure your growth and success-

Personalized Emails

Personalizing emails is one such marketing technique that provokes the subscriber list to send appropriate emails to specific subscribers. It allows you to target the specific group of subscribers which leads to an increase in CTR (click-through rate). Personalized emails, as well as a greeting, can offer an increase in transaction rate. Many entrepreneurs fail to do so. Take a step further, you can also customize your Call to Action by focusing on the needs of the buyer and how their goals fit within an organization. There are some examples-Welcome emails to subscribers, follow-up emails who completed a demo, confirmation or thank you emails. Keep in mind that personalized and segmentation should be based on business or a marketing plan.

Drip campaign

I realize that many of us have used drip campaign or using it and the reason for its consistent use is because of its advantages. You may be wondering that what exactly is email drip marketing? A drip marketing is a series of written emails deliver or released after a particular trigger. A trigger can be meant as customer behavior towards your emails. I’m sure that many of us have notice drip campaigns in our email box. These campaigns can be used to turn leads and finally into highly engaged customers. A drip marketing is highly recommendable which can help you to educate leads about the product and give your leads more opportunities to engage with the content. It also helps the sales team to fetch more data about warm leads and encourage them to avail the other services or product. Setting up the drip campaign is a great way to know the needs of your customers and answer them accordingly.

A/B Testing

Through A/B Testing, you can easily find out what works best and then apply it to reach the target audience. It helps you to uncover the high impact modification in the subject line, email design, and the landing pages. These practices boost your subscribers as well as leads in order to get reliable results. You can easily make sure whether the marketing tactic is working or not based on the data. A/B test helps to experiment with different ideas. Consequently, a small change can make a big difference in the result.

Does email marketing really work?

When you want to promote your brand or sell, email marketing is a great tool to do so. It allows business to offer their customers with great customer service and establish a solid relationship. One such great tool is Mailchimp. Through mail chimp, you can easily create a quality newsletter to reach all the customer, which is lacking in many of the businesses. The newsletter can give a refined and professional image to describe your business. Sending a creative newsletter is an effective tool to develop some interest among the audience. Of course, email marketing really works if it is done properly.

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