Best Practices - Convert Web Traffic into leads

Best Practices - Convert Web Traffic into leads

In the world of business online marketing, increasing web traffic is the primary objective of their online strategy. This is the only thing that keeps any type of business alive. But, growing traffic isn’t enough for any business, if it won’t benefit to get conversions or financial profit. Getting traffic is easy but to convert it into future customers is a challenging task. But how do you do it? Well, It’s important for web traffic to perform some action or do something in order to increase the conversion rate. This something generally includes- Email opt, Newsletter subscribers, answer to any kind of survey. Thus, The website owners won’t expect that visitors would get back to their blog. Some of the actionable steps they need to perform so as to develop a communication channel otherwise they might lose them. Here are some of the ways, you can retain leads to establish a relationship with your audience and eventually convert them into potential buyers- Call to Action, Newsletter Signup, Content Upgrade, Special promotions, and Drip Marketing. OptinChat is also a great way to accumulate email IDs of visitors by AI-driven chat. It’s easy for you to maintain user engagement and increase the dwell time on your website. Getting more leads is a real struggle in different types of industries and businesses. Nowadays, even buyers are getting more selective So, It’s important to provide high-quality content including educational content, engaging content with pictures, audio, videos. Many businesses prefer to keep a blog section on their website so as to increase traffic & more leads. So again, It comes to converting traffic, not just driving it. These methods include the ways to convert massive traffic into leads-

Landing Pages

A landing page is designed with the purpose of collecting contact information which is combined with the targeted traffic. It’s often a good idea to send a huge amount of traffic to the landing page via a blog. The conversion ratio is expected to be as high as 50% to 60% or more than that. There are chances of driving more traffic from various landing pages. Hence it increases the chances of lead generation as well.

Pop-up Forms

Pop-up forms mainly contribute to 2- 10% of your daily blog which is convertible into leads. If your blog or content is based on the WordPress theme, then you can use Popup domination as a WordPress Plugin which is used to create attractive forms on your website. It offers split testing as well as tracking options.

Notification Bars

Many internet users pay attention to the banners on the top of the website known as Notification Bars. These bars are arranged in such a way that they appear to be stick at the top when visitor scroll the entire website. It’s one of the effective ways to add email form or link to one of the landing pages from the notification bar.

Adding Opt-in Forms inside Videos

There has been immense popularity of web videos that many webmasters are struggling to stay ahead from the competition. One of the great ways to drive traffic from videos and survive in this competitive world is by adding Opt-in forms. These forms appear during the video or when the visitor resume their video after an Opt-in form. It’s better to appear these forms at the end of the video for the better user experience. LeadPlayer is a WordPress Plugin which is used to make Opt-in forms inside the videos. It has different options and works with YouTube video as well. The information given below can be used to make the best benefit and some modifications to convert traffic into leads.

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