How to speed up your website

How to speed up your website

Are you annoyed with the slow site speed which acts as sluggishly? Have you ever decided to work on it & increase the site speed? The key to get an excellent page rank is to combine the high quality or useful content with fast loading speed. Web page speed also has an overall effect on the traffic brought in. Bounce Rate might be felt when the web page speed takes a long time. According to Research conducted, Internet users usually have a short attention span. They only take a few seconds to click back on the search button, when the webpage speed is slow. So, getting information should be quick, then only the site deserves to be read. If your site is taking a longer time to load all the content, then you might be losing some of the potential customers. People more likely tend to leave the page or closes the window. Improving site performance eventually going to boost visitors to your website. There are some online tools and the solutions to increase the loading speed of a website-

Google Webmaster Tool

Google Webmaster tool is a helpful tool which allows a webmaster to test the website speed and optimize the visibility of their websites. This tool offers to measure the website’s search traffic. It is a free service from Google in order to improve website performance. Nowadays, It has become strong SEO efforts with a new version of Google Search Console.

Load Impact

It is a popular free online tool which helps to improve the loading speed of a website. This tool provides detailed information about website load time as well as graphical data. It’s highly in demand from multiple geographical locations and ensures that the website deals with sufficient information to drive traffic.

Pingdom tools

Pingdom tools are crucial website testing tool that allows monitoring the availability and performance of a website. This tool offers a range of report based upon the testing speed of style sheets, videos, images etc. It’s easy to use and examine the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript under a minute. It also helps you to give the comprehensive visualization i.e. how elements and content appear when the page loads.

Show Slow

Show Slow is a compelling tool which provides a pleasant experience for your website visitors. There are a lot many tools to monitor the current website but this tool helps to store data from PageSpeed with export and send options. It’s an open source tool that allows detecting the various website performance metrics over time.

Iweb tool

Iweb tool is a free online tool which offers you to add custom titles tags, meta tags and other alternative image text for tracking the website visitors. A good analysis report is obtained that maintain the growth of the website. It ensures the potential of the website and its loading speed. Given tools helps to track the performance of your website. Thus, Website with a high loading speed, high-quality content would automatically lead to the increase in conversion rate and Search Engine Rankings.

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