WhatsApp Business Solutions

WhatsApp Business Solutions

WhatsApp is the most preferred form of messaging application among the Indians. It has reached millions of users which provide the real-time experience (ability to chat, send, receive documents, photos, notes etc). For a long time, It has a huge demand among the Indians which led to the introduction of low-cost smartphones. Many business owners tried to engage informally with the app to interact with their clients. Consequently, The application launched its new feature- WhatsApp for Businesses which can help businesses to establish their brand presence. It is one of the best things that could happen to various business owners. It’s free to download and ensure a high-quality experience for the users. This new feature directed to resolve the problems of small and medium enterprises to stay in touch with their customers. WhatsApp has never done this before at this scale. There are plenty of Google apps that aims to drive business users. One of them is the regular ‘Uber’ app which provides a taxi cab hailing services to the customers. Other is ‘Uber driver’ app which is meant for drivers who provide service to their clients. But, when it comes to the messaging platform, WhatsApp has extended at a large scale. Due to its huge demand and installation. It has the ability to create a separate app for the purpose of various enterprises.

Do you Know- How WhatsApp business really work?

WhatsApp for business is available for the Android apps. iPhone users have to wait a little longer for using this version. This feature made easy for the business owners to communicate with their customers. But the regular WhatsApp and WhatsApp business has a key difference in its features. Business owners communicate by using WhatsApp business app whereas customers will receive these messages on their regular WhatsApp. It’s time to proceed the application with further verification process. Businesses have to register themselves with a different number which is not connected to their WhatsApp personal account. One thing you can do is to transfer your personal number to business account. It aims to verify each Business including some important information- business email id, contact no, address. One of the interesting features is- You can link your account with Facebook profiles in order to interact with maximum customers.

Messaging tools

This application also deals with the variety of Messaging tools.

Quick replies

It simplifies the problem of a client by sending instantly answers to the frequently asked questions. For e.g.- Thanking your customers for the services availed by them.

Greeting Messages

These messages are delivered to welcome the customers to your business. This mainly includes a first interaction with them.

Away Messages

It’s easier for you to respond to the messages during off hours or the owner is busy. As if now, WhatsApp Business does not allow the feature to search for a particular business. In order to begin an interaction, The business owner needs to have all the contact details, WhatsApp contact or add you to the group. There are plenty of chances for the business owners turning into growth or something really big in the face of growing competition.

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